Hi, my name is Martin Ledvina. I am a passionate music lover, musician, composer and producer located in Prague, Czech Republic and Paleochora, Greece. I have dedicated my life to making music and to helping others to make it. I have been fortunate to work with the most amazing, most talented and the most successful artists in my country. During my career I have developed simple and effective strategies anyone can use to learn to play a musical instrument. But enough about me and let's talk about you.

I have three questions for you, if I may: Do you have just way too many people to play with every week? Do you follow the online courses and books you bought on regular basis? Have you always been able to attend your music lessons, because you had just nothing better to do?

No? Great! Why? Because MusicClass Livestream is what you need.

Join me every Saturday for my Livestream, and let's play some of the most beautiful tunes together. You can join the  Livestream interactively via Zoom, or just watch us in our Facebook Group, if you will.

So let's play music together and I am looking forward to e-meet you next Sunday!

Martin Ledvina, musician, music producer & composer


WORLD PREMIERE: Sunday, August 15, 2021

Honolulu Sunday @ 6am

Anchorage Sunday @ 8am

San Francisco Sunday @ 9am

Calgary Sunday @ 10am

Mexico City Sunday @ 11am

New York Sunday @ Noon

Buenos Aires Sunday @ 1pm

Reykjavik Sunday @ 4pm

London Sunday @ 5pm

Prague Sunday @ 6pm

Paleochora Sunday @ 7pm

New Delhi Sunday @ 9:30pm

Bangkok Sunday @ 11pm

Beijing Sunday @ Midnight

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